Pheree Haliwud was born long before the name was attached. Its the sound that came from the mouth of radiant beauty; the truth of a woman and the soul of a free spirit. It's documented in photographs that Pheree Haliwud has been singing since she was 2 years old. She has always been heavily influenced by the melodic sounds of the 90s. It wasn't until she became classically trained and began opening up for artists like Trey Songz, while attending Hampton University, that she began to discover her truth and her path. Hailing from Caroline County Virginia, Pheree has been taking over East Coast stages by storm with her witty cover Phereemixes and sultry, smooth, original sound.

This sound is what permeates through her self-written, recorded and produced EP, FRITA, released in August of 2016. You can feel the raw emotion in every note that falls from her lips and behind every breath she takes, while captivating your ears and wrecking havoc on your emotions. It wasn't until the Fall of 2016 that Pheree was able to let her spirit soar. Her manager, Chris “ Montanna “ Robinson told her he had a huge surprise for her and to show up for practice with a smile and open heart. Upon arrival, she was blessed to have 4 amazingly talented musicians there ready to commit and indulge in the Pheree Haliwud sound. Her four musician band, Phereedom Sol, has allowed the music from deep within to come to life.

Pheree is more than a singer and songwriter; she's a personality, hosting shows and events throughout the city, spreading her love through laughs and spoken word. Recently signed to a record label presented by Chuck D of Public Enemy, Slam Jamz Records, Pheree is now ready to take the world by storm. She's free to share her authentic, unforgiving self-- to love even if it ends in heartbreak, live to sing about it and, to laugh all along the way. Listen up and let Pheree Haliwud's incomparable, sweet, unique sound leave you craving for more.

"Pheree Haliwud is one of those rare artists who can just show up, crush one take and be done. She makes it so easy in the studio. When you're as good as she is, the work is half done already.""

(Clef Majorz, Richmond music producer)